To give your life a good pulse

Plus choice

Lavish choice and perfect harmony of appliances

Gorenje+ exclusive appliances are based on a comprehensive concept of user experience and design, combining a wide range of superior cooking and refrigeration appliances, and dishwashers. Your choice is always individual, yet in your kitchen, it always comes together as a harmonious whole.

Plus technology

Better cooking results through cutting-edge innovations

Gorenje+ appliances boast numerous advanced technological features, even global innovations. Gorenje+ is the first to offer ovens with unique electronic programming module iChef+ with a large colour TFT display that allows selecting the functions simply by sliding your finger across the screen. Gorenje+ induction hobs pride on Multizone+ - cooking zones that are connectible into larger heating areas, allowing them to adjust to cookware of special shapes and sizes. Power-efficient LED+ lighting in fridge freezers goes beyond respect for environment as it lights up several convenient features. XL dishwasher model Gorenje+ with surprisingly spacious Settings+ interior is the first in the world to afford washing as many as 17 place settings at once! You can rely on state-of-the-art technology in Gorenje+ appliances to deliver better results in cooking and refrigeration appliances, and dishwashers.

Plus design

Design for today and tomorrow, for different kitchen furniture styles

Matching appliances can be found for every kitchen. But the perfectly harmonious appearance of Gorenje+ appliances will blend seamlessly with virtually any choice! Whether you love contemporary minimalism or you are looking for retro forms, you will be equally thrilled about the same appliances. Such is the power of smart and deliberate contemporary design that does not seek to overpower, but rather uses the select genuine materials and elegant lines to accent the character of your kitchen.
iChef+: global revolution through unique touch control, acclaimed with the 2011 Red Dot Design Award in the category of product design.

Plus pure and simple

Simple use, reasonable price, and streamlined installation

Perhaps each purchase is equally difficult or equally simple. But how simple it really is will actually become evident once it is delivered, installed, and used. Gorenje+ appliances are designed to be user friendly: from purchase, through installation, to everyday use. They are easy to build in – without complex tasks. Delivery is reliable. Simple operation and long useful life are guaranteed!

Plus responsibility

Respecting the environment

You will note that Gorenje+ appliances meet and exceed the most stringent of environmental expectations and standards with very low power and water consumption. You will taste that they keep your food fresh longer. Care for the environment is at the top of the list of priorities in Gorenje Group's development strategy. Environment protection policy includes the entire life cycle of a product: from planning, through manufacturing and use, to disposal and handling after the end of useful life.

Plus exclusiveness

Exclusive offer for true connoisseurs

New Gorenje+ kitchen appliances, addressing the true experts, are available only at select kitchen specialists who know how to find the right combination that matches your lifestyle and endows the space with an air of excellence.

Plus life

Taking control of the dynamic everyday

Gorenje+ kitchen appliances are designed with in-depth awareness and understanding of the requirements of modern lifestyle. They are built for ambitious people living a full life both at work and at home, demanding everything they deserve. In the up-tempo urban beat, Gorenje+ establishes a sheltering atmosphere of intimacy and reliability – using the best of what is known today and selecting what will keep its charm in the future!

Plus warranty

Proof of reliably superior quality

All good appliances have warranty. Exclusive Gorenje+ appliances boast a super standard warranty! Because we know how they are designed and made, we guarantee years of reliability.

Plus service

Backing up rock-solid trust

A wide network of after-sales services provided by skilled and highly responsive service technicians is there to make sure all warranty promises are lived up to.

Plus origin

Made in Gorenje

Gorenje+ built-in appliances are a result of team effort invested by a network of experienced Gorenje experts who are familiar with the technological trends and use them to develop user-friendly solutions. They subscribe to the idea of design with a clear purpose. They are aware of contemporary lifestyle trends. They are the heart of development at the Gorenje Group. Through more than six decades, the smart combination of technology, superior design, care for the environment, and great value for the user, embodied in Gorenje appliances has raised the bar of quality standards and user expectations time and again for European manufacturers.