Other pluses for coffee machines

Freshly ground

Freshly ground

Plus for the right amount of coffee in 7 levels of grinding coarseness! Freshly ground coffee retains the full aroma. Given the selected flavour intensity and amount of your coffee beverage, the appliance will automatically grind the right amount of coffee beans to offer you ultimate pleasure. If you like, however, you may also use pre-ground coffee added to your liking.
The coffee is stored in an easily accessible container supported by telescopic guides that allow easily extending it from the housing. Used coffee is pressed into small discs that are stored in another container. When it is full, a message will appear on the display. The display will also warn you when you start running out of coffee while excess water container will let you know it is close to being full with a red floating indicator.
The right amount

The right amount

Coffee tastes best when made with freshly ground coffee beans. Gorenje+ allows choosing between 9 settings, from super fine to extra coarse. The appliance automatically dispenses the coffee beans from the container according to your settings. The coffee bean container is easily accessible owing to extendible guides. Needless to say, pre-ground coffee can also be added to the container to be dispensed as you go. When the machine runs out of coffee beans, a warning will appear on the display. It will also remind you to empty the container storing used ground coffee which is compressed by the machine into tablets.


Plus for connoisseurs! If you are familiar with the details of coffee brewing, you may instruct your coffee maker exactly what to do. The appliance pours hot water over the coffee and extracts the aroma, locking in that genuine taste. Hot water temperature can be adjusted in the menu. Choose between high, medium, or low to achieve the desired result!


Plus for frothed milk – for a latte or cappuccino! The appliance comes fitted with a steam spout intended for frothing milk. Optionally, a second spout can be installed for dispensing hot water. Frothed milk and hot water at just the right temperature for your cup of tea will deliver excellent service straight to your home.


The choice of the right flavour intensity and amount of coffee is very simple! After deciding whether to go with ground coffee or coffee beans – for which you may also set the grinding coarseness – the coffee maker can brew a very mild, mild, normal, strong, or very strong coffee. Five different flavours are based on automatically defined amount of coffee which the appliance determines after you press a button. You may also choose between short, medium, and lungo. Moreover, two cups can be brewed simultaneously. For plus pleasure – shared with a special person!


Plus for always clean and flawlessly operating coffee maker! An automatic cleaning cycle is engaged each time the appliance is switched on or off to wash out any coffee remains from the supply nozzles. No extra cleaning is necessary and the nozzles will never be clogged. Depending on water hardness, limescale can accumulate in the machine; not to wary, descaling is automated as well. Occasionally, a sign on the display will inform you it may be a good time to run the descaling process. Simply press a button and the machine will do the rest. Such functions truly make this appliance easy to maintain. All removable parts are also dishwasher safe.