Other pluses for steam ovens

Steam+ cooking

Plus for a healthy diet! Cooking with steam retains the nutrients, vitamins, and proteins in the food. The food is never overcooked and it keeps the colour, the juices, and the taste. Steam that enters the oven from a special water heater is evenly distributed throughout the oven cavity by an innovative supply system. Steam flow is automatically controlled according to the preset cooking program. If you wish, you may control the amount of steam for each dish yourself.

Electronic timer

Plus for simple control! Use the buttons to set the food preparation time and temperature. Choose between many presets or set the temperature and cooking duration yourself. A beep will let you know when your food is ready.

Functions and features

8 plusses for many more choices! Eight heating elements will allow you to prepare a plethora of dishes in addition to those indicated in the program. The following features will deliver the perfect result:
- Steam+ cooking - conventional steam cooking locks in the nutrients and vitamins.
- Fish+ - heating element for reliable preparation of fish.
- Fragile+ - cooking process adjusted for delicate food; additional option for preparing fruit and vegetable dishes.
- Melt+ - controlled melting or reheating of delicate food for further use (chocolate, mutter) or immediate pleasure (fruit).
- Defrost+ – slowly defrosts frozen food without cooking; two heating elements are provided for delicate food (fish, fruit, vegetables) and normal food, respectively.

Baking sheets and grid

Plus for lavish equipment! Steam oven comes supplied with standard accessories: two baking sheets, a wire grid, and additional water container. Deep baking tray features a perforated bottom and additional baking sheet and wire grid are made of high-quality stainless steel. These accessories allow cooking food simultaneously at several levels and without adding any water. All accessories are dishwasher safe.


Plus for clarity! Thought fully laid oulighting allows you to control the cooking progress from start to finish.

Stainless steel interior

Plus for longer useful life! Just like the baking trays and wire grid, the entire oven cavity of Gorenje+ steam oven is made of high-quality heavy-duty stainless steel.


Plus for safety and controlled operation! Settings of Gorenje+ steam oven can be easily locked to prevent any accidental change or uncontrolled operation. Thus, the oven will be safe from inquisitive children.