Other pluses for ovens


Plus for defrosting without droplets of water or fat! Place the frozen food on the oven grid inserted at the middle height level. Baking tray, inserted one level lower, will catch any dripping fluid.


Plus for simple cleaning using nothing but water! All Gorenje+ oven models offer the simple Cleaning+ function. Pour half a litre of water into the baking tray and heat at 70 °C for half an hour. The resulting humidity will soften the dirt on the oven cavity walls. After the process, simply wipe away the residues using a soft cloth. The cleaning effect is excellent! Requiring no detergent, this method is also environmentally friendly.


Plus for rapid preheating! 200 °C in merely 6 minutes! When you decide to cook your food in the oven, there will be no more waiting for the right temperature. Gorenje+ oven will reach it in minutes. This is made possible by the special arched shape of the cavity and simultaneous operation of smartly laid out heaters. At least 30 percent faster preheating will make baking your pizzas, sponge cake, and other dishes cooked in a preheated oven much more effective. A sound and light signal will indicate that the desired temperature has been reached.


Plus for meat done exactly to your taste! Select Gorenje+ oven models feature a temperature probe – a special sensor for checking the doneness of the meat. Push the probe into the meat and set the desired temperature. An indicator on the oven control panel will notify you when the meat is where you want it. From now on, your roast will always be done to your best liking!


Plus for more pastry in a single round! In Gorenje+ ovens, three height levels can be used simultaneously, without any fear of seeing different results in each one. The fan on the back wall of the oven cavity evenly and rapidly distributes the heat throughout the oven. Highly efficient circulation of hot air leads to superior results and saves time and power.
Telescopic guides, fully or ¾ retractable

Telescopic guides, fully or ¾ retractable

Plus for safety and clarity! Gorenje+ ovens are fitted with telescopic guides that can be pulled out fully or to ¾ length. These guides make inserting the baking trays into the oven much simpler. The option to pull out the baking tray improves safety and allows perfect control during the cooking process and after it. It also significantly reduces the danger of burning. These guides are standard equipment for most models while with some they can be optionally installed at a later time.


Plus for lavish feasts! Deep tray with 5-cm sides is an excellent utensil for baking bread or cooking lasagne, musaka, and similar dishes. Higher side walls prevent the fat from spattering on the oven cavity walls and burning onto them. The tray is coated with high-quality enamel to allow easy cleaning.


Plus for keeping the right temperature of cooked food! The temperature can be set between 30 and 95 °C to make sure the food stays at the right temperature for up to two hours. The food will retain its flavour and aroma, and remain warm or hot to be served later. The feature will prove very handy when preparing a several-course feast as it will do away with the need to perfectly time the completion of each dish.


Plus for serving your food on professionally heated plates! The Serving+ feature allows you to heat the plates in the oven to a temperature between 30 and 80 °C. Homemade food can thus be served like in the best restaurants. Warmed plates will keep the soup hot, and lock in the flavour in vegetables and meat.


Plus for cool oven exterior walls! Highly efficient cooling system makes sure the temperatures of the oven exterior walls are much cooler, both during cooking and after it. A special fan in the housing propels the air to mix it with cool air from the environment. Thus cooled, the air then circulates just under the appliance outer walls. When cooking is complete, the cooling system continues to operate until the temperature of the exterior walls drops to 60 °C, which is perceived by a special heat sensor. Cooling+ will cool the oven side walls and door to keep you safe!


Plus for clear view of the spacious interior! The larger and better laid out cavity of Gorenje+ ovens requires corresponding lighting. Select models feature double lighting with smart lamp layout to light up even the remotest corners. Control of the cooking process is guaranteed.


Plus for safety and energy efficiency! Gorenje+ ovens boast excellent insulation of oven door. Select models feature an additional heat-reflecting triple glazing while the ovens with pyrolysis function are even fitted with four-layer doors. Select insulation materials combined with a special reflective film on the glass improve oven performance and reduce power consumption. The door is always cool and safe to touch on the outside.

Smooth oven door

Plus for easy cleaning! Easily removable oven door has no grooves or edges that could harbour impurities. Such design allows you to keep it clean by simply wiping.

High-quality enamel in ovens and on the baking trays

Plus for the environment and excellent cooking results! Interior of the Gorenje+ ovens is coated with special high-quality enamel that reduces power consumption, improves heat distribution in the oven and makes cleaning much easier. Surface coated with such enamel reflects the heat back into the oven cavity, reducing power consumption and elevating your cooking results. In addition, enamel finish is very smooth which prevents the fat from sticking or burning onto the oven walls.

Removable protective sheets

Plus for simple and truly efficient cleaning! Installed on the left and right side of the oven cavity are protective sheets coated with high-quality enamel. Combined with the catalytic back wall, they make it easy to maintain cleanliness. The sheets are easily removable and dishwasher safe. The smooth enamel finish makes it harder for grease to burn onto them.


Plus for the perfection of automatic cleaning! The pyrolitic cleaning function featured in Gorenje+ top oven models is remarkably efficient, safe, and convenient. The high-temperature resistant pyrolitic enamel used for coating of the oven cavity, baking trays, an wire guides allows you to keep the utensils in the oven during the pyrolitic cleaning. Oven door features four-layer temperature resistant glazing which, paired with superior insulation, prevents overheating of the exterior wall. During the process of pyrolitic cleaning, the oven heats up to about 500 °C. When the temperature reaches 250 °C, the door is locked for safety. High temperature, along with innovative operation of heaters and smart system of fan-propelled air circulation, virtually incinerates all impurity. A special catalyst in the upper part of the oven automatically eliminates any smoke and odour generated during cleaning. After the process, dirt residues are reduced to ashes. When the door is automatically unlocked 30 minutes after the end of the cleaning program, simply wipe the residues with a damp cloth – and that's it! The oven is completely clean.

Energy efficiency

Plus for savings! Gorenje+ ovens are rated in the highest energy classes. Compared to previous standard models, the new generation ovens use as much as 25 percent less power. Ovens, as well as other Gorenje+ appliances, are made of recyclable materials; 90 percent of oven parts are made of environmentally friendly materials!


Plus for simple and friendly use! Ergonomically designed handles and buttons of Gorenje+ ovens are in tune with the harmony of form and function. Robust appearance of details is complemented by excellent clarity of the buttons and intelligible logical symbols on the front panel. The touch is pleasant and the commands are always simple and exactly where you expect them to be.


Plus for safe opening of oven door – even with fan heaters switched on! With conventional ovens there is a danger of exposure to a burst of hot air when opening the oven door. Gorenje+ ovens feature a safety system that immediately switches off the fan and the heater when the door is opened while the oven is in operation. When the door is shut again, all settings are restored – the fan and the heaters operate the way they did before the door was opened. This is made possible by a smart switch installed on the oven door. Keeping you even safer!


Plus for electronic control through touch screen in merely three steps! After switching on the oven with a simple touch of the symbol, select the desired dish and confirm your selection by pressing the "Start" symbol. Preset programs automatically select the combination of heaters, temperature, and cooking time. Neat symbols afford clarity and simplicity of use. The oven can of course still be used in conventional way: with your own settings for temperature, duration, use of meat probe Probe+, and selection of heaters to be used. Your personal settings can be stored to be retrieved next time with a simple touch. Patented electronic module also features child lock that prevents uncontrolled use of the oven and protects from damage and injury.

Electronic timers with touch control

Plus for clear information on the cooking process! When cooking time and temperature are set through the touch control display, progress can be monitored all the way on modern electronic timers with sensors. When the cooking is completed, the clock will emit an audio signal. The surface of the innovative electronic timer is completely smooth and hence easy to clean.