Plus for design

The Gorenje+ lineboasts the latest technological solutions that allow better functionality and performance. Designing an exclusive appearance is always related to usability and reliability. Design is what improves the performance Gorenje+ appliances – along with other technological solutions – for example, by allowing a larger volume in the appliance interior. Design is what allows Gorenje+ appliances to match both a minimalist modern kitchen and a lavishly adorned nostalgic one, as well as all styles in between.

Convenience: plus for harmony

Gorenje+ appliances are designed to work in unison. Harmony starts with control: all appliances are controlled by the same principles, using the instantly logical interfaces. Interior equipment is also in sync: baking sheets and trays, meat probes and other accessories can be switched between appliances regardless of their size or your choice of cooking methods. Perfect visual harmony is a plus unto itself. Regardless of your individual choice of appliances, the whole will be in perfect tune – in terms of appearance, materials, lines etc. Flexible solutions allow you to adjust them to your other equipment. Gourmet pleasures are based on the harmony of flavour. Harmonious operation of the appliances paves the way for total cooking pleasure – in a kitchen equipped with taste.

Plus for unique combinations

Gorenje+ cooking, cooling, and washing appliances are based on an all-around integration in terms of concept, user experience, and design. This makes the daily chores easier, cooking pleasures more intense, and the appearance of the kitchen perfectly harmonious regardless of other equipment.

Designed to be different

Glass and steel; stainless steel and black; these combinations evoke the sense of the real thing at first sight. Ergonomic handles and knobs round out the sophistication of design and technology of the appliances whose uniform appearance ties the room together into a harmonious whole. The Gorenje+ line is designed to allow a number of different layouts and combinations. Regardless of whether the appliances are stacked into a column or laid out in a row, square, or a T-shape, they will endow your kitchen with a new sense of harmony.
Matte black: Line
Inox: Squre
Inox: Line
Inox: Tower