A+ gas burner: Plus for efficiency!

Innovatively designed Gorenje+ gas hob burners optimize the flame to allow faster cooking and ultimate efficiency of the use of gas. Owing to the construction of the burner, gas is combined with air before it actually reaches the burner. Air and gas mixture is closer to optimum than in conventional burners used to date, and the use of gas and control of flame are considerably improved. Burners are not assembled from several parts; rather, they are cast as a single piece which also makes cleaning truly simple.
Wok gas burner
Fast and wholesome cooking! Selected gas hobs feature special high-performance wok burners highly suitable for rapid and efficient heating of cookware such as the Asian wok. Faster and more efficient heating delivers superior results with some cooking techniques. Wok burners are available on both glass ceramic and stainless steel hobs with one, four, or five gas burners.  
More burner power
New extra powerful gas burners heat the pan much faster and thus reduce the amount of time required for cooking. Shorter cooking time paired with high heat is an asset in many dishes, particularly stir fries where the vegetables are just done and still crisp!  
Automatic thermal protection
If the flame goes out during burner operation, a special protection device makes sure the supply of gas is immediately stopped. Since the inlet is closed, there is no danger of a gas leak.  
Domino combinations
Smaller induction and gas glass ceramic hobs with two heaters each can be combined into a series of your choice. The available modules also include a glass ceramic hob with a special wok gas burner! Great for individual combinations!  
More innovative shapes
Gorenje+ range includes different hobs with smartly laid out four or five cooking zones. Gorenje+ offers a range of induction hobs, HiLight heater hobs, gas hobs, and the special Teppanyaki hob. The hobs are available in different widths, fitted with various types of controls, such as ergonomically designed knobs, touch control, or the most innovative solution IQcook. Choose your own!