SmartControl: Simple control for each cooking zone

Since every cooking zone is fitted with its own module including a dedicated program timer and touch control device, cooking time can be set for each zone separately. After the set amount of time expires, cooking zone will be automatically switched off, which will be signalled by a beep. Cooking progress can be accurately set with nine power levels. All functions are displayed by intelligible symbols. This affords perfect control over your cooking – without any fuss!


Integrated stainless steel plate is inspired by the Japanese cuisine. The name of this hotplate which allows grilling in your kitchen is derived from Japanese words teppan (steel plate) and yaki (grilled). It is intended for grilling with minimum fat; thus, it makes a perfect choice for anyone looking to prepare a wholesome meal – particularly meat and vegetables. Smooth surface allows simple cleaning. Normally, it suffices to clean the cooled plate with a cloth after use. Owing to the uniform Alublack edges, the Teppanyaki plate lends itself perfectly to combination with all other Gorenje+ hobs.
Easy control
Perfectly sized icons on the glass ceramic hobs are placed exactly where you want them: at the center and to the right of the hob. Carefully thought out position of control icons further improves clarity and control over the functions and makes adjustments much easier.  
BoilControl: automatic power reduction to desired temperature
After being switched on, the hob automatically supplies the power required to rapidly reach the desired level. When reached, the power is reduced to a level just sufficient to maintain the required temperature. The intelligent function that can be switched on or off at any time, prevents liquids from boiling over, or prolonged boiling when not desired.  
Safety switch-off
High-performance HiLight heaters are fitted with a special mechanism to protect from unwanted prolonged operation. Unlike with other cooking zones, maximum duration of continuous operation and amount of radiation of these heaters is limited. Therefore, they are switched off automatically after a certain period of time. This improves safety and prolongs the heaters' useful life.  
Lock the entire hob, or lock your current settings. Children will be safe from uncontrolled operation and the cooking hob will be safe from their attempts to tamper with it.  
Residual heat indicators
As long as a cooking zone is still hot, this will be indicated by a light signal. When on, do not touch the zones. Residual heat can be used to keep food warm, or for slow melting – without using any additional energy.  
Domino combinations
Smaller induction and gas glass ceramic hobs with two heaters each can be combined into a series of your choice. The available modules also include a glass ceramic hob with a special wok gas burner! Great for individual combinations!  
More innovative shapes
Gorenje+ range includes different hobs with smartly laid out four or five cooking zones. Gorenje+ offers a range of induction hobs, HiLight heater hobs, gas hobs, and the special Teppanyaki hob. The hobs are available in different widths, fitted with various types of controls, such as ergonomically designed knobs, touch control, or the most innovative solution IQcook. Choose your own!