HomeCHEF: Choose a recipe or give your own instructions

Simplified programs and numerous recipes from which you can choose by browsing the photos on the interactive display will aid any cook in achieving remarkable cooking results. Master chefs may of course set all details themselves using the Pro options, as well as rely on the advanced options like STEPbake or slow cooking. In addition to logical menu choices and simple control by sliding across the colour interactive TFT display, the HomeChef control interface also offers the option to choose your preferred language and to personalize your colour and sound settings. The HomeChef oven can also turn the oven into a memo board.
Auto: lavish choice of over 80 preset dishes
Some ovens already feature presents for over 80 dishes in various categories. The settings are adjusted to the amount, desired doneness, and optional setting of cooking end time. Choose the food category (e.g. meat, vegetables, pastry etc.); select the desired dish; and press START. The program allows you to adjust the amount, doneness, and cooking end time. The program will adjust the settings accordingly and make sure the food is ready and delicious at the time you chose.  
Step: cooking in several steps
You can now trust the oven to reliably prepare the dishes that require changing the temperature or heater system during the cooking process. You may select the preset STEP mode or choose the Pro mode to program your own cooking process with up to three steps. The step cooking option is a special advantage afforded by Gorenje appliances, which may take your gourmet pleasures even further.  
Slow: perfection at low temperature
For dishes that are perfectly juicy and develop a full flavour only with cooked slowly at a low temperature, the Slow function now offers preset cooking modes. Carefully though-out processes designed based on the experience of seasoned chefs will lead to perfect cooking results. In addition to flavour, they guarantee the food will retain more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.  
Preservation: reliable food preservation
A special preset is intended for food preservation. The preservation process prevents the food from perishing and extends its shelf life beyond the season. The Preservation function allows the user to cut the time required for the processes and thus save time and energy. Large oven volume and MultiFlow 360° air circulation allow uniform 360-degree distribution of heat, allowing the use of several levels simultaneously.  
Defrost: defrosting without drops of water or fat
In order to keep the food in perfect condition even after defrosting, it is very important to thaw it quickly and that the heat penetrates the core evenly and simultaneously. Safe defrosting is made possible by the defrost program. Use of a drip tray will also prevent undesired drops or spills of liquid. Place the frozen food on the oven rack in the middle of the oven. The drip tray placed into the lower guide will catch the dripping liquid.  
FastPreheat: up to 200 °C in less than 6 minutes
Owing to the special vaulted shape and simultaneous heater operation, the oven heats up to a temperature of 200 °C in less than 6 minutes. Major savings in time allows faster results when baking pizzas, sponge cakes, or other dishes that require a preheated oven. An acoustic and visual signal will let you know when the set temperature is reached.  
StayWarm: keeping the food warm in the oven
Temperature can be set from 30 °C to 95 °C to simply keep the food at the right temperature for up to two hours. Cooked meals will retain their flavour and stay warm to be served later. The setting is highly convenient for multi-course meals as it does away with the need for pinpoint planning and timing.  
WarmPlate: plate warming for a professional feel of presentation
Suitably warmed plates can help many dishes to retain the flavour and aroma – from soups to pasta or cooked vegetables. Choose the WarmPlate function to heat the oven to a temperature between 30 °C and 80 °C and thus keep the plate perfectly warm. Now, you can serve warm food at home as you would expect in the finest restaurant.